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Allentown, PA

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Wicksquisite Candles: Where Scent Meets Artistry

Step into a world of candle magic that's as vibrant as your imagination! Wicksquisite Candles is all about turning wax into wonder, transforming spaces into artful realms of fragrance and fun.
From our candle crafting workshops to our collections that burst with scents that tell stories, we're here to make your senses dance and your moments unforgettable.
At Wicksquisite Candles, we don't just light candles – we ignite the spark of creativity and kindle the joy of self-expression. Get ready to light up your life with candles that are anything but ordinary. Welcome to the spectacle of scents and smiles!

Contact:  Phone: 484-661-7281 • Website: www.wicksquisitecandles.com

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