Thomas Lubben, Author

Salisbury Township, PA

Thomas Lubben, author

Tom Lubben is in his 80s and beginning his 60th year in Education- and continues teaching in college. Between the ages of 60 and 75, he opened 4 artistic-focused charter schools in the Lehigh Valley that today serve a combined 2,000 students and employ over 200 employees. He began seriously writing in his 70’s and published three books (fiction and non-fiction) over the past three months.

His mystery series features amateur detective, BJ Gleeson.  Two have been published: Death on the Pines- 2022, and Death on the Bayou. Three more yet to come…

And God’s not finished with him just yet.  His non-fiction, spiritual works include “A Year’s Journey” (a journal), and “The Eyewitnesses”, an account of ten major miracles of Jesus as observed by bystanders and eyewitnesses.

Contact:  Phone: 484-505-0697 • Website:

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