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Allentown, PA

Shante's Travel Things - Owner Shanté Grayer

Shantés Travel Things sells handmade, unique, and durable travel accessories. Owner Shanté is an experienced traveler, started her business making luggage tags for herself, to replace the less durable ones from stores. Incredibly, as she walked around the airport with her first handmade luggage tag, a total stranger asked her where she got it, and the stranger bought it from her right there in the airport!

Since then, she has been expanding her offerings to include lanyards, passport wallets, toiletry bags, dry bags, totes, smaller bags, change purses and more.

Shantés Travel Things products are unique and personally engineered by Shanté to hold up under tough travel conditions. The bright colors and patterns can be chosen to match individuals’ tastes, and distinguish luggage in baggage claim!

Shantés Travel Things aims to be a global brand, featuring one-stop-shop travel website and app, as well as stores in the US and overseas. Shanté loves the community and connections with other people in the Lehigh Valley and can’t wait to sell her goods at more fairs and locations in the future!

Contact:  Phone: 484-246-6383 • Website: www.shantestravelthings.comE-mail:

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