Ryan O Sculptures and Drawings

Artist & Photographer
Macungie, PA

Ryan Olszewski, Artist & Photgrapher

Ryan Olszewski is a pastel, drawing and ceramic artist based in Allentown, PA, who creates especially detailed and anatomically accurate pieces inspired by the wildlife around him. Ryan uses his passion for nature, as well as his education background (B.S. in Marine Science and Environmental Science from East Stroudsburg University), to create pieces that emphasize the gorgeous shapes and structural details that make his subjects unique. Additionally, he has a special interest in ornithology and anatomy, and recently has been working with the Lehigh Valley Zoo to help raise Zoo conservation funds through his artwork.

Ryan’s creations include handmade pottery and sculptures, wildlife art drawings, commissioned pet portraits, 3D prototyping, metalwork, photography, senior portraits, and commercial/industrial photography. He has also done several photo shoots for other Made in the Lehigh Valley members’ pages!

Ryan teaches pottery to students in-person, and hopes to eventually build his business into a ceramics/pottery teaching studio and small storefront with his daughter. He is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with other artists in the future!

Ryan's full store of products can be found at his website.

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Contact:  Phone: 610-462-4351 • Website: www.rhinosart.comE-mail: ryan@rhinosart.com

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