“Unexpected Places” Book – Author, Charlene Williams

Find out what happens when ordinary people experience the extraordinary and come face to face with things they never thought they’d believe in. In her debut work, Charlene Williams mixes life, drama and facing truth with a touch of the supernatural in these six suspenseful stories.

In Across the Water, Laura knows something is off about her daughter. She just can’t figure out what. What memories come back to Laura and what does she discover when the plane they are on hits a terrifying storm?

Mike has always felt guilty about something in his past. Despite his best efforts to bury it, he’s out of time and is forced to confront it in The Conversation.

The loss of a job, an addict brother and a betrayal bring Faith to the Breaking Point. She’s on the verge of destroying it all when she’s forced to face some hard truths.

Light brings us Sam, a talented young man struggling with inner turmoil and denying himself a life he should be living. Something brings Teo to his side but will it work?

Discover these and others in these page-turning stories in a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished.