FEATURED BRAND – MJC Media – Mary Jane Csencsits, Photographer, Northampton PA

MJC Media, LLC is a small business owned by Mary Jane Csenscits, a lifelong Lehigh Valley resident author and artist. For many years she enjoyed taking photos for friends’ and family members, and always enjoyed writing. In 2020, she decided to take the next step and make her business official, offering photography services and selling art prints.

Mary Jane loves traveling and hiking, and sells stunning art prints of all things she finds interesting, from sights around town to foreign destinations. Additionally, she offers services like portrait sessions, stage photos for local schools, graduation photos, pet photography, and more. She participates in the Northampton Street Fair and Paws on the Canal in Northampton. She plans to continue doing what she loves.

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Phone: 484-403-9454

Website: www.mjcphotography.org

E-mail: customers@mjcphotography.org