FEATURED BRAND – Five Maidens Cider Company, Hard Cider, Bethlehem PA

Five Maidens Cider Company formed through a desire to provide high quality craft beverages. Owners Brian and Andrew began their journey back in 2009 with a basic homebrew starter kit and some predesigned recipes. Five Maidens began when Brian and Andrew felt that they reached the peak in their product’s quality, along with the encouragement of their family and friends. They opened their business to share their libations with the local community.

The name Five Maidens has multiple meanings. One definition of maiden is in reference to a fruit tree. In this case, a maiden is a fruit tree in its first year of growth. Because family is such a cornerstone of Brian and Andrew’s lives and because of their desire to provide a family friendly establishment, they took the definition of maiden a step further and applied their own families’ maidens: the three sons and two daughters between their two families. Maiden can also mean a first act or attempt, and so, as the Five Maidens Cider Company is just starting off, it is a first attempt to share Five Maidens’ craft beverages with the Five Maidens’ community.

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Address: 327 Polk St., Bethlehem, PA 18015