FEATURED SHOP – Quilts by Marie – Quilter, Bath PA

Quilts by Marie is a small hobby artist and quilter, who has been quilting for over 40 years, and enjoys all things colorful and complex. A former Lehigh Valley math professor, she designs many of her quilts using the shapes and colors of nature and cultural beauty as inspiration. Over the years she has completed over 100 art quilts and given many away as gifts.

All of the quilts are made with designer fabrics and the finest threads. They are mainly hand stitched and machine quilted. The stitched quilting patterns on top of the fabrics add additional interest and complexity to each piece. Marie is open to discuss custom requests. Please note: Many of the quilts in the gallery below are currently for sale. E-mail for sizes and availability.


E-mail: QuiltsbyMarie100@gmail.com