FEATURED BRAND – Charlene Williams – Author, Northampton PA

MJC Media, LLC is a small business owned by Mary Jane Csenscits, a lifelong Lehigh Valley resident author and artist. For many years she enjoyed taking photos for friends’ and family members, and always enjoyed writing. In 2020, she decided to take the next step and make her business official, offering photography services and selling art prints.

Her whole life she imagined that one day she would write a book. Moved by her mother’s passing, Mary Jane recognized that time on this Earth is precious. She channeled her artistic dreams into reality, and wrote her first book. Released in 2023, “Unexpected Places” is a collection of short stories with a supernatural element. Her book was written under a pen name: Charlene Williams, a reference to the names of her mother and father. She plans to continue doing what she loves, and has already begun planning and writing for her next book.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 484-403-9454

Website: www.mjcphotography.org

E-mail: customers@mjcphotography.org