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Our Mission: Supporting the Local Producer Economy

For over a decade, there has been a growing trend for consumers to “buy local.” – but it’s not that simple to find those local goods!

The Lehigh Valley has wonderful craft fairs, vendor shows, boutiques, Farmer’s Markets and roadside produce stands. But some people who prefer to shop online still need another alternative.

For those who make local goods, it is still challenging to connect with the larger market, compete with import websites like Amazon and Temu and encourage local shopping. MiLV’s main goal is to be this connection and be the lift people need to improve their community and their livelihoods. It is more than a website, it’s a movement.

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Butterhead kitchen's vegan sweet ring balogna.

Butterhead Kitchen

Glass of Cider with 5 Maidens Brand logo

Five Maidens Cider Company

Shante's Travel Things - Owner Shanté Grayer

Shantés Travel Things

Crafted Scent Shoppe's colorful boutique shop display of products.

Crafted Scent Shoppe

Ocean View Candle, Wicksquisite

Wicksquisite Candles


Ryan O Sculptures and Drawings

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