How to Join

Brand Thumbnail Example, with a red frame and the MiLV Logo and the words "Lehigh Valley Maker"

Made in the Lehigh Valley aims to be the region's #1 go-to site for locally-made goods. While we'd love to include everyone, there are some basic requirements.

  1. All members must be over 18.
  2. We ask that members have at least 2 years' experience making their product. (They don't necessarily need to have been selling them for 2 years, though.)
  3. We ask that members have limited-to-no use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in their craft. We want to support human talent!
  4. No imported goods please. The bulk of the creativity and construction of the product needs to come from local hands.

We use our best judgment when allowing hobbyists and businesses to join. Please read our terms and conditions to learn more.

Regular Membership

$ 70 per year
  • List your brand in Made in the Lehigh Valley Directory
  • List up to five affiliate products in the Marketplace
  • Gallery of up to 12 images
  • List your phone, e-mail, website(s), and social links
  • Free submission of calendar events
  • Advertising space in MiLV Newsletters and Social Media

Seller Membership

$ 140 per year
  • Everything under Regular Membership, PLUS...
  • Independent Etsy-style storefront on Made in the Lehigh Valley
  • Ability to sell up to 100 of your products at a time