A glass of beer brewed by McCall Collective Brewing Company.

McCall Collective Brewing Company

Brewery Allentown, PA & Breinigsville, PA McCall Collective is a family owned and operated Brewery and Pub located in the heart of Southside Allentown. We are proud to be Allentown’s…

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Butterhead kitchen's vegan sweet ring balogna.

Butterhead Kitchen

Vegan Products Maker and Vegan Cooking Classes Easton, PA Butterhead Kitchen, based in Easton, was founded by Jason Sizemore, former elementary schoolteacher and principal. Initially, Jason started his business as…

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Jude and Mayra Chartier - Free range chicken farm in the Lehigh Valley

Chartier Farms

Free-Range Chicken Farm Bath, PA Over 21 years ago, Jude married Mayra from the Dominican Republic. At the time, Jude had horses and occasionally raised beef for personal use. Mayra…

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