Butterhead Kitchen

Vegan Products Maker and Vegan Cooking Classes
Easton, PA

Owner of Butterhead Kitchen, Jason Sizemore, sitting at his event space table.

Butterhead Kitchen, based in Easton, was founded by Jason Sizemore, former elementary schoolteacher and principal. Initially, Jason started his business as a side hustle, teaching a Vegan Thanksgiving cooking class in 2018. When that was a success, he added Vegan Comfort Foods and Vegan Italian, and found those were wildly popular as well. Inspired by this new-found market, he left his principal position in 2019, and has been teaching vegan cooking ever since!

Jason says that 90% of his cooking class patrons are actually not vegan themselves! His course catalog has expanded, and his courses are enjoyed by a great diversity of people from the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Butterhead Kitchen sells vegan mozzarella, vegan cream cheese spreads, vegan pepperoni, vegan PA Dutch sweet ring bologna, vegan tuna and vegan chicken salad.

Many of the recipes Jason uses for his products (most notably, his soft mozzarella) have been modified and perfected by him over time, and he endeavors to get them as delicious and authentic-tasting as possible. Butterhead prepares vegan meals and single-plates for holidays and special occasions. They also continue to be a prolific source of vegan cooking classes (on-site, off-site, and online), corporate team-building activities, special events, and smaller-scale vegan catering.

Butterhead Products can purchased at the following stores:

  • Easton Public Market @ the Highmark Farmstand
  • Firefly Café, Boyertown
  • Veg Out, Bethlehem
  • Greenearth Marketplace, Emmaus
  • Jay’s Local, Allentown

Phone: 610-686-3000 • Address: Lower Level, 4200 William Penn Hwy Rear, Easton, 18045 • E-mail: butterheadkitchen@gmail.com

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