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About Made in the Lehigh Valley

It can be tough to find handmade and locally-produced things on the internet. Many of the big platforms and search engines require complicated filters and key words to get locally-made goods, and many of them don't even recognize the "Lehigh Valley" region!

"Made in the Lehigh Valley" (MiLV) began as a grassroots project in June of 2023. We hope that this website will be a go-to space for everyone to easily shop locally for everything they're looking for. This will be a place where literally every shopper can find something they want to buy, and every maker can get the regional visibility they deserve.

Our Mission Statement

For over a decade, there has been a growing trend for consumers to “Buy local.” However, despite the best of intentions, consumers find it challenging to locate those businesses. It is equally challenging for those who make local goods, as they struggle to find new customers and gain access into the larger local economy and online space.

MiLV will be a website, a community, and a movement, supporting the Lehigh Valley by:

  1. allowing unique and niche producers to advertise on a localized stage, with technical support and advertising built in.
  2. encouraging local consumers and tourists to discover and purchase products they may not know are available locally.
  3. supporting the local economy by keeping money circulating within the community instead of directing it to larger entities outside the region.
  4. safeguarding against the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain.
  5. building local producer-consumer awareness, building collaborative relationships among makers, and helping consumers to find new products.

Special Thanks...

This site was created with the talent, creativity, and open-minded support of the following artists:

Michael Smull, Web Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer and Musician, and owner of Big Pixel Studio.

Ryan Olszewski, Product and Wildlife Photographer, Drawing and Ceramic Artist, and owner of Ryan O Photography and Art.

Reese Yeager, Product and Art Photographer, Charcoals Artist, and owner of RLY Visuals.

Joshua Kagi, Drone Photographer, Documentarian and Video Storyteller, and owner of Grandifi Enterprises.

In addition to developing our website, Mike Smull also did a redesign of our logo. See the before and after!
In addition to developing our website, Mike Smull also did a redesign of our logo. See the before and after!
Ryan O, photographer, doing a product photo shoot for Made in the Lehigh Valley.
Ryan Olszewski photographer, doing a product photo shoot for LV Maker, Butterhead Kitchen.
Reese Yeager, Photographer and Owner of RLY Visuals
Reese Yeager, photographing products for LV Maker, Shanté's Travel Things.
Aerial Drone photo of Easton bridges, by Josh Kagi of Grandifi Enterprises.
Aerial photo of Easton bridges, by Josh Kagi of Grandifi Enterprises.

Made in the Lehigh Valley would also like to express gratitude to all of our first members who joined in 2023. You recognized the need for our community to have a directory like this, and your participation encouraged us to keep going. We hope you will continue to support the "shop local" scene in the Lehigh Valley along with us!

Finally, we would like to thank the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce, and Discover Lehigh Valley, Friends of Pete, and 1 Million Cups for the opportunities to partner and collaborate with the wonderful business owners of the Lehigh Valley. Thank you also to those Chamber members and executives who reached out to learn more.